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Governmental Affairs

Georgia politics have changed. The old approaches and old relationships no longer work. iSquared Communications is a 21st Century firm created with these new realities in mind.

By promoting good policies or preventing bad outcomes, we've helped dozens of organizations achieve their business objectives. That's why today's top companies and associations rely on iSquared Communications.

Through unmatched experience, hard work and rock-solid research, we help clients make smart strategic decisions and achieve solutions that drive better business results.

We're a pro-business, bi-partisan team with strong ties to the New Georgia. We have the talent, experience and insight to get the job done in today's new and ever evolving political environment.

Our Approach

At iSquared Communications, it is our system that ensures our clients obtain the best possible outcome in their legislative and executive level public policy programs. Our system involves:

  • Quickly isolate those matters that impinge on our clients’ business
  • Promptly evaluate the effect of any swing in the public policy environment on our clients
  • Combine insider information with rock-solid research to give clients the insights they need to make smart decisions
  • Rapidly reacting to budding issues involving our clients’ wellbeing
  • Develop practical plans to deliver the expected outcome
  • Bringing the combined strengths of our total organization to bear on the issue
  • Keeping our clients continually on top of the policy and regulatory issues affecting their organizations
  • Working tirelessly to get the job done, going beyond the mere scope of work contained in the contract, if necessary, to achieve success.

Throughout, we advocate for our clients before the legislative and executive branch until their issues and concerns are addressed.

Regional Grassroots & Grasstops Mobilization

When a major Washington grassroots firm needed help with a Southern congressman on capital gains legislation, they contacted iSquared Communications. In one week, we generated dozens of letters to this key member.

When a global PR firm needed help executing a grassroots effort in Georgia and Alabama on Medicare, they didn't call their Atlanta office. They called iSquared Communications. We delivered the letters and phone calls on time, and they got the performance bonus.

Ditto for a major Washington advocacy group. They wanted balloons, signs and other message-bearing paraphernalia distributed along an Independence Day parade route where the U.S. Speaker of the House was grand marshal. We delivered and their message was definitely seen and heard.

iSquared Communications is one of the region's most experienced grassroots companies, successfully completing scores of projects for Washington-based and other business-oriented groups. Our team has executed successful programs in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

We have the talent, the experience and the high-level contacts to do your project right.

Public Attitudes & Opinion Research

As an affiliate for Teleopinion, Inc., iSquared Communications offers access to one of the nation’s best legislative, local and grassroots polling firms.

Our team has compiled an exceptional record of translating survey research into winning political strategies. We maintain the highest methodological standards and we have unparalleled experience translating survey and other research into useable information and insights on which successful public policy campaigns are based.

The Players

Rusty Paul, President & CEO

Past chairman of the Georgia GOP and a former state senator, Rusty Paul has more than 30-years experience in Georgia politics. He served with Gov. Perdue in the Senate. He worked with the current Senate and House leadership as a colleague and as the party chairman who installed the coordinated campaign tactics that brought Georgia Republicans to power after 130-year drought. He also developed and executed the strategy used to pass the flag referendum that effectively ended the divisive debate over the state's symbol.

Paul was assistant secretary for congressional & intergovernmental relations for Sec. Jack Kemp at HUD and regional press secretary for Gov. Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign. Few have a better understanding of Georgia's new political realities than Rusty Paul.

With 40 years of governmental and political experience, no one has a better insight into the changes occurring in Georgia politics than Bob Shaw. An expert in economic development, infrastructure and financial services issues, Bob's ties to the state's political community are unmatched. As chairman of the State Republican Party during the Watergate era, he understands how to handle tough issues. Yet, no one is better known - knows more people - or is more respected in Georgia politics than Bob Shaw.


Bill & Regulatory Monitoring/Tracking

Business & Professional Association programs

Communications Training

Crisis Communications

Event Planning & Execution

Government Relations

Grassroots & Opinion Leader Mobilization

Internet Strategies

Issues management


Local Government Programs

PAC Management & Fundraising

Policy Research & Development

Policy Research & Development

Procurement Assistance

Speechwriting & Testimony Development

Strategic Counseling

Our Public Affairs Clients

(Past & Present)

Pfizer, Inc.

UST Public Affairs


Georgia Nursing Home Association

JP Morgan/Chase Securities

Wausau Benefits

Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance

Polaris Industries

Cendant, Inc.


Crestone International

Joint Economic Development Authority of Metro Atlanta

Americans for Hope, Growth & Opportunity

Southern Center for International Studies

Family Home Providers

Belder Health Plans of Georgia

Johnson Controls, Inc.

American College of Radiologists

Immunex (Enbrel)

Coalition for Asbestos Reform

Health Insurance Association of America

Business Roundtable

Practice Expense Coalition

Federation of American Health Systems

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

National Association of Realtors Depreciation Recapture Project

Committee for Sandy Springs

Buckhead Community Improvement District

Downtown Community Improvement District

Midtown Community Improvement District

Practice Expense Coalition

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Alliance

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Inc.

Keep America Moving, Inc.

Direct Impact, Inc.

Weber-Merritt, Inc.

On-Point Advocacy

Medicare Reimbursement Project

E-Fairness Coalition

Fair Access to Healthcare

Edison Electric Institute Fair Competition in the Electric Industry Project

Oil Heat Research Project

Keep America Connected

Fast Track Treaty Authorization Project

Citizens for a Sound Economy
     Scrap the Code Campaign
     Tort Reform Project
     Clinton Healthcare legislation
     Federal Clean Air Standards
     Risk Assessment legislation


Georgia Nursing Home Association

And Dozens More ...

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P. O. Box 1752, Edgewater, MD 21037-1752



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