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Family Home Providers, Inc. (FHP)

non-profit articleFounded in 1994, Family Home Providers, Inc. was created to help the typical American family achieve their dream of homeownership. By providing down payment assistance to working class families, FHP’s mission is to see that any family, with good credit and steady employment, can buy a home and live a better lifestyle, while building equity for the future.

FHP approached iSquared Communications to produce a public relations campaign that would:

  • Create greater awareness that Family Home Providers is a solid, competitive, service-oriented option for families needing down payment assistance, particularly in its primary markets;
  • Acquaint realtors, home builders, low-income advocates, social service agencies and others who work with deserving, prospective low-income homebuyers with Family Home Providers Services;
  • Ensure that the political and business environment which allows Family Home Providers to operate remains positive and favorable by acquainting policymakers and the general public with the social benefits it delivers;
  • Be recognized as a positive force in the communities in which it operates.

Our team initiated a publicity campaign with this in mind.

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