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Coalition America, Inc.

Coalition America, Inc. (CAI) is a healthcare savings company specializing in reducing the cost of in-network and out-of-network medical bills as well as the cost of managing the repricing functions. They accomplish this by providing access to over 200 PPO networks nationwide, negotiations services, and leading edge technology to streamline your processes. As a result, we added over $105 million to our clients’ bottom line in 2001.

CAI wants to accomplish several important goals with its public relations effort:

  • Transition its image away from a company that primarily negotiates and reprices out-of-network managed care claims for companies to an organization that delivers effective healthcare and worker’s compensation cost containment solutions for large organizations;
  • Grow its business to include new PPOs and other managed care providers;
  • Develop new business relationships with companies looking to manage their out-of-network and worker’s compensation programs at less cost;
  • Become the market leader in healthcare cost-containment services.

The iSquared Communications team launched a feature article public relations campaign targeting key business and health-related publications covering their markets.

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